Zillah, Washington Wedding

Y'all! I still can't get over how beautiful this wedding was! One of my goals this year was to learn all I can and grow as a wedding photographer. Part of doing that is second shooting for amazing photographers that I admire. and Misty of Misty C Photography is definitely that!

This couple got married on the bride’s family's farm on a beautiful summer day. The details everywhere were to die for. And anything that involves a dog I automatically adore, so having June hang out with us all day was definitely a perk!

The bride’s father drove her out in her grandfather's old Ford before walking her down the aisle, along with her mother, towards her soon to be husband who was waiting for her.

After the ceremony, everyone sat down to drink and eat tacos(can't go wrong there!) The rest of the night continued and ended with some beautiful dances out on the dance floor.

It was definitely a wedding I'll never forget and I will forever oogle over the images from that day.


All images shot & edited by Morgan Tayler Photo & Design

Lead Photographer: Misty C Photography