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Hey there, I'm Morgan Tayler Price! I'm a photographer, designer, and wannabe watercolor artist in Eastern Washington. I'm married to Jarin, this handsome man of mine below. I live in hoodies & top knots. Most days you can find me scheming up some project that’s way too overwhelming to fully tackle alone, or browsing Pinterest and coming up with some new recipe to make my husband try(he calls them my "experiments"). I can be a total dork & I love anything and everything coconut! From lotion to ice cream to my favorite coconut macaroons.

Morgan Price - Morgan Tayler Photo & Design - Tri Cities Washington Photographer

Mo-down Low-down:

  • I'm a lover of pigs, especially those babies

  • I frequently burst into dance unannounced

  • I have a huge irrational fear of water in my face so the scuba photo below will most likely never happen again

  • I was a total nerd & earned my AA in high school

  • I inherited my mother's list obsession & I LOVE THEM

  • I've been married to my lover boy since March 2018

  • If I wasn't a photographer, I would be a veterinarian...that is if I could get over my queasiness

  • I don’t remember the last time I ate ice cream out of a bowl & not the carton…

  • My middle name "Tayler" is spelled with an "E" because my parents thought it was more feminine

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